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US-2016034976-A1: Advertisement presentation patent, US-2016057670-A1: Method and apparatus at the physical and link layer for mobile communications patent, US-2016239041-A1: Reaction force output device patent, US-2016363146-A1: Temporary Fastener for Simultaneous Workpiece and Drill Jig Clamping patent, US-2017086958-A1: Snapback card implant package patent, US-2017107181-A1: Novel fungicidal pyridylamidines patent, US-2017137574-A1: Novel silicone compound and cosmetic containing thereof patent, US-2017184426-A1: Optical Fibre Sensor System patent, US-2017264851-A1: Display device viewing angle compensation patent, US-2015141477-A1: Pyrazole Derivatives And Their Use As LPAR5 Antagonists patent, US-2015152164-A1: Lipoprotein complexes and manufacturing and uses thereof patent, US-2015167422-A1: System and method for extracting energy patent, US-2015253560-A1: Microscope with at least one illuminating beam in the form of a light sheet patent, US-2016013252-A1: Organic electroluminescent display panel patent, US-2016043824-A1: Segmented data-aided frequency estimation in td-scdma patent, US-2016235387-A1: Wireless data transfer in a deterministic rotating system patent, US-2016243369-A1: External Device for Determining an Optimal Implantable Medical Device for a Patient Using Information Determined During an External Trial Stimulation Phase patent, US-2016245920-A1: Intensity-Based Depth Sensing System and Method patent, US-2016265437-A1: Foil bearing patent, US-2016287844-A1: Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty device with integral embolic filter patent, US-2016373557-A1: Method and System for High Speed Data Links patent, US-2017054549-A1: Signaling system with adaptive timing calibration patent, US-2017116447-A1: Tag, related method and system for identifying and/or authenticating objects patent, US-2004007917-A1: Cascaded network power control system patent, US-2015080323-A1: Nutritive compositions and methods of using same patent, US-2015215597-A1: Method for synchronous playback by multiple smart devices, and apparatus patent, US-2015312815-A1: Methods and nodes for fast handover using pre-allocation of resources in target nodes patent, US-2015341419-A1: Device for and method of transmitting file patent, US-2016084584-A1: Heat exchanger for a power generation system patent, US-2016089749-A1: Laser processing apparatus capable of increasing focused beam diameter patent, US-2016170548-A1: Apparatus, system and method for communication of touch sensor information patent, US-2016232652-A1: Automatic gain control filter in a video analysis system patent, US-2016246113-A1: Liquid crystal display panel and method for curing frame glue patent, US-2016348440-A1: Hybrid drill bit patent, US-2016374415-A1: Garment patent, US-2017168673-A1: Medical imaging device and method for using adaptive ui objects patent, US-2017174717-A1: Method of separating betanin from red quinoa by supercritical fluid fractionation patent, US-2017186439-A1: Device And Method For Quantizing The Gains Of The Adaptive And Fixed Contributions Of The Excitation In A Celp Codec patent, US-2017200002-A1: Password Recovery patent, US-2017208520-A1: Communication apparatus, method of controlling the same, and communication system patent, US-2017223222-A1: Image formation control method, image forming system, and image forming apparatus patent, US-2015244581-A1: Role assignment for servers in a high performance computing system based on measured performance characteristics patent, US-2016033285-A1: Transportation analytics employing timed fingerprint location information patent, US-2016100376-A1: System and method of providing a user with a registration review in ims system patent, US-2016308042-A1: Semiconductor Device with a Vertical Channel Formed Through a Plurality of Semiconductor Layers patent, US-2017155560-A1: Management systems for managing resources of servers and management methods thereof patent, US-2017255851-A1: Method for automatically triggering data share event between sender device and receiver device patent, US-2015213208-A1: Wearable device for medical care patent, US-2016203115-A1: Intelligent text annotation patent, US-2016269276-A1: Method for avoiding a loop when forwarding a message, respective communications device and system patent, US-2017106992-A1: Liquid storage system patent, US-2017141932-A1: Internet Access Traffic Sharing Method, Device and Terminal patent, US-2015163477-A1: Systems and methods for calculating epipolar constraints between generalized cameras patent, US-2015281167-A1: Specifying a MAC Address Based on Location patent, US-2016178900-A1: Head-up display device patent, US-2016194708-A1: Methods and compositions for detecting and diagnosing diseases and conditions patent, US-2017149480-A1: Base station, user equipment, and radio communication network patent, US-2015141853-A1: Multi-sensor lesion assessment device and method patent, US-2015227901-A1: Specialist presentation through an online banking account patent, US-2015228812-A1: Composition for forming passivation layer, semiconductor substrate having passivation layer, method of producing semiconductor substrate having passivation layer, photololtaic cell element, method of producing photovoltaic cell element, and photovoltaic cell patent, US-2015305079-A1: Information reporting method for device to device communication, user equipment and base station patent, US-2015319253-A1: Service platform for ubiquitous network and service implementation method patent, US-2016271183-A1: Directed cardiomyocyte differentiation and ventricular specification of stem cells patent, US-2016349968-A1: Methods of Content-Based Image Area Selection patent, US-2017318556-A1: Method and Device for Enhancing Positioning patent, US-2015202260-A1: Endoglin peptides to treat fibrotic diseases patent, US-2016065410-A1: System and method of peer device diagnosis patent, US-2016268262-A1: Semiconductor device and method for forming the same patent, US-2016275611-A1: System utilizing a retirement score to assess an ability to survive a market event based on user investments patent, US-2017164116-A1: Multistage Tactile Sound Device patent, US-2015106886-A1: System, method and computer program product for gathering and delivering personalized user information patent, US-2015244294-A1: Dc electric fan and driving system thereof patent, US-2016148096-A1: Extraction of semantic relations using distributional relation detection patent, US-2017052093-A1: Simulation system for current collecting surface of c-type contact rail patent, US-2015241325-A1: Histology cassette stack patent, US-2015243518-A1: Method for multiplying pattern density by crossing multiple patterned layers patent, US-2015354646-A1: Disk brake, pad, and pair of shims patent, US-2015364259-A1: Multilayer ceramic capacitor patent, US-2015169273-A1: Peripheral vision hover drift cueing patent, US-2015264280-A1: Imaging device and electronic device patent, US-2015292619-A1: Electronic parking brake actuator patent, US-2017094905-A1: Row unit of a corn header having a deck plate with a structured surface patent, US-2016299038-A1: System and method for remotely inferring characteristics of thermostat-controlled appliances patent, US-2015130281-A1: Integrated Energy Module patent, US-2015115672-A1: Assembly composed of a saddle and a saddle compartment for motorcycles patent, US-2015091091-A1: Junction-less transistors and fabrication method thereof patent, US-2016242180-A1: Multi-path transmission control protocol connections patent, US-2016332538-A1: Rear passenger ingress/egress and methods patent, US-2015075484-A1: Direct injection fuel pump patent, US-2016061647-A1: Weighing and tracking device patent, US-2015135141-A1: Method and apparatus for creating a control interface of a peripheral device patent, US-3374642-A: Refrigeration method and apparatus for cyclical requirements patent, US-3838570-A: Directional control valve patent, US-3614690-A: Solenoid patent, US-3774753-A: Bundle feed device patent, US-3805086-A: Touch sensitive electronic switch patent, US-3833803-A: Parabolic spotlight fixture having rotatable lamp holder patent, US-2015173773-A1: Catheter System patent, US-2015378133-A1: Imaging Device, Lens Unit, And Method For Manufacturing Imaging Device patent, US-2016050746-A1: Printed Circuit Assembly And A Touch Sensitive System Comprising The Assembly patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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